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5 Things Pharmacists Love Most About Their Jobs


A challenging, yet fulfilling career path can be hard to find. Luckily, for those interested in healthcare, many pharmacists report that their careers are both purposeful and rewarding. Read below for a handful of reasons why practicing pharmacists enjoy their career paths and the unique role they play within the healthcare industry.

Ability to Make a Difference

Pharmacists are the medication experts on the team of doctors. Pharmacists diligently work to conduct research, distribute proper dosages of needed medications, and educate others on updates within the industry. A pharmacist’s advice is impactful and can make life-changing alterations in the lives and outcomes of patients. As a result, pharmacists are seen as one of the most trusted healthcare professionals in the industry. In fact, a Gallup Poll measuring public perceptions of professional ethics and honesty found that 68% of participants responded that pharmacists have “very high” professional ethical standards, second only to nurses.

Relationships with Patients

Pharmacists help people live healthier better lives.  With 91% of people living within 5 miles of a pharmacy, pharmacists are one of the most accessible healthcare providers. Pharmacists are constantly in communication with their patients to better understand their healthcare needs. The main focus is to ensure that patients receive safe, appropriate, and effective drug therapy. As a result, pharmacists often develop long-term relationships with their patients, as healthcare is personal and ever-changing.

Exciting Work

Pharmacists often report that no two days on the job are the same. Whether they’re practicing in a local pharmacy, working in a care facility, or conducting research, everyday is bound to have new experiences. They’re constantly interacting with new faces, spaces, and developments in the drug industry. Additionally, pharmacists are never bored—the field requires them to always be learning and educating others.

Flexibility in Career Path

A career in pharmacy allows for flexibility in both choosing a career path and day-to-day hours. Many pharmacists have flexible work hours and often work in new environments, as they navigate towards facilities that allow them to best tackle each day’s tasks. As Dr. Tom Kalista said, “The breadth of opportunity that a career in pharmacy can provide is a criminally well-kept secret. I would have never imagined at 17 years old that at 28 I would have worked in so many different settings within the realm of pharmacy, and even still have countless alternative options unexplored.”

Rewarding Salary

A career in pharmacy is financially rewarding. According to Forbes, pharmacists rank very high on the list of the happiest six-figure jobs. In 2016, over 90% of pharmacists reported earning more than $100,000 per year. Few things get better than rewarding work and a rewarding salary!

If a career in pharmacy sounds appealing to you, there are a few actionable steps you’ll want to take before you start the application process. Read 4 Things to Do Before Applying to Pharmacy School for practical advice on the application process.

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