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Financial Support

Walmart Health Equity Scholarship for Pharmacy Students

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AACP and Walmart are committed to promoting education and healthcare access to improve health for all. The Walmart Health Equity Scholarship for Pharmacy Students will support the financial need of students enrolled in Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree programs who plan to serve in rural areas, medically underserved areas or populations (MUA/Ps), or Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs) upon graduation. The goal of the scholarship program is to promote and support a diverse population of student pharmacists who will advance health equity. Selected awardees must demonstrate leadership, academic success, and a commitment to serving rural or medically underserved patient populations. Each awardee will receive a single $5,000 scholarship. 

If you have any questions, please contact walmart@aacp.org.

CVS Health Minority Scholarship for Pharmacy Students


AACP is committed to fostering an inclusive community and promoting diversity of thought, background, perspective, and experience to advance pharmacy education and improve patient health. Driven by this commitment, we are excited to announce that AACP and CVS Health have partnered to offer a  CVS Health Minority Scholarship for Pharmacy Students. This scholarship is intended to promote and support a diverse population of student pharmacists who will care for an increasingly diverse population of patients as part of a health care team. Each awardee will receive a single $8,000 scholarship.

The application for the 2022 scholarship is now open.

If you have any questions, please contact scholarships@aacp.org.

College Ave Student Loans

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AACP has partnered with College Ave Student Loans to provide pharmacy school students with a simple application and a personalized loan experience. Explore College Ave’s offerings that include:

  • Building a repayment plan that fits your budget,
  • An easy online application – instant credit decision,
  • No origination or prepayment fees, and
  • A monthly College Ave Student Loans scholarship.

Applying with a cosigner may help students qualify for the loan and possibly receive a lower interest rate.

About College Ave Student Loans
College Ave Student Loans is helping students, graduates, and families finance higher education. As a leading fintech lending company, we deliver a simple, clear, and personal college financing experience that reduces stress and empowers students to focus on what matters most: preparing for a bright future.

Financial Literacy

AACP strives to support students with necessary tools in order to pursue a career in pharmacy. Be sure to consult with the Financial Aid departments at your institution for more information. Below are some resources to help you get started on your journey.

AACP and College Ave Student Loans
College Ave Student Loans has created several resources to help inform you on important topics related to financing your pharmacy education.

Graduate Student Loans
A graduate student loan can cover school costs for most master’s, doctoral, or advanced professional degree programs, such as a Pharm.D. degree, and many more. Review the following resources to learn more about graduate student loans:

Interest Rates
Student loan interest rates represent the amount a lender charges you to borrow money. It is calculated as a percentage and multiplied by your principal amount.

Student debt may be good debt because it is an investment in your future, but too much of a good thing can hurt you.

Refinancing student loans can simplify the loan payment process and possibly reduce your monthly payment or the total cost of your loan.

Printable Resources

Your high school counselors and college advisors are often the best sources of information about loan, grant and scholarship programs. Additionally, pharmacy colleges and schools may offer financial assistance. Other financial assistance opportunities and information are provided below.

    • AACP Financial Aid and Scholarships: The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) does not administer any financial assistance programs directly to students. However, this page provides an overview of financial aid, as well as some potential grants and scholarships.


    • Federal Student Aid: Federal Student Aid, an office of the Department of Education, offers a checklist of what both students and parents can do throughout 12th grade to begin applying for federal student aid.



    • Fastweb: Try Fastweb for free and find scholarships you qualify for. Fastweb will match you to scholarships from their database of 1.5 million, based on your personal profile. With Fastweb you’ll also find financial aid tips and advice, job and internship matching and student life news.