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Succeeding in Pharmacy School: Tips, Tricks, and Advice

School is starting again, and pharmacy students across the country are hitting the books. Pharmacy school is an exciting time for many, but it can also be scary and intimidating. Check out some tips, tricks, and advice to set yourself up for success in your journey to becoming a pharmacist!

Time Management

Balancing your classes with studying, extra-curricular activities, working, family, friends, and not to mention sleep can be a tricky balancing act as a pharmacy student. Practicing good time management is essential to ensure that you can succeed in your studies and take care of yourself. Find a good calendar that works for you—whether it’s a planner or online platform, incorporate some time management methods like time blocking or the Pomodoro technique. These will help you better manage your time. And don’t forget that it’s crucial to find a good balance. 

“I think the most challenging thing about pharmacy school is learning time management. So much is expected from you as a pharmacy student that mastering time management early on is vital to your success. It’s important to find the right balance between studying for exams, completing assignments, doing co-curriculars, and working. However, over time learning to prioritize and be organized with your time becomes more manageable.” – Zahra Al-chokhachi

Go for it!

There are many opportunities for you to make connections and learn from others as a pharmacy student. If you see an opportunity that interests you, go for it! Pharmacy school allows you to explore the many paths you can take as a pharmacist and helps you find your passion and potential future career. Join pharmacy organizations, shadow pharmacists in different specialties, attend lectures, and more!

“You can take many avenues in pharmacy, so the best way to determine which route or even if pharmacy is the right career for you is by getting as much exposure to these fields as you can before and while in pharmacy school. This will help you with life and career choices when you graduate.” – Jackline Muia

You’re Not Alone

Going through pharmacy school can be a difficult and stressful time. Just remember that you’re not alone. Your fellow peers are in the same boat as you and can help provide you with support and help. Join a study group, reach out to classmates, and lean on one another. Your school’s faculty and staff can also help and support you. Look into your school’s resources and take advantage of them to set you up for success.

“While you’re in school, never be afraid to ask for help. The professors and faculty always have their doors open and are eager to assist. I was never one to go to office hours. However, that changed in pharmacy school. Also, remember that you’re never alone. Your classmates are going through the same things you are; if you’re struggling, they probably are too! It’s always reassuring to speak with others going through similar circumstances.” – Patil Hovsepian

Best of luck this upcoming school year! 

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