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Why I Chose Pharmacy: The Story of a Pharmacy Student Who Was Inspired By a Family Connection

Makarious Demetry

People often pursue a career in pharmacy because they have a desire to help others. Makarious Demetry, a fourth year pharmacy student at West Coast University’s School of Pharmacy, saw this passion at a young age and it inspired him to choose pharmacy. Here’s his story.

Why did you choose to pursue a career in pharmacy?

As a child, I frequently visited my uncle’s pharmacy. It was located in a small town in Egypt. Many of the patients had limited access to healthcare, so they relied on my uncle’s advice when it came to their medical concerns. He played a key role in supporting his local community, and he was highly regarded and respected because of this. 

Even as a young child, I saw the respect my uncle had from his community. It was inspiring! This is what contributed to my decision to become a pharmacist. One day, I hope to open a non-profit community pharmacy in a small village in Qena, Egypt where I grew up.

What about your path to pharmacy school is unique?

My pathway has been unique because, prior to starting pharmacy school, two of my family members suffered severe illnesses. I watched as these important people in my life underwent surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, organ transplant, and more. 

These were difficult things to witness, but they also helped push me towards a career in pharmacy. Ultimately, I decided that I wanted to work in a field where I’ll be able to offer patients the help they need, just as the healthcare workers did for my family members.

Even today, as I complete my coursework in pharmacy school, these experiences remain in the back of my mind. They inspire me to work hard to grow as a pharmacist and person so I can make a difference in the lives of others one day.

How did you choose your school of pharmacy?

When exploring possible pharmacy schools, the most important thing to me was finding a school that valued interpersonal and professional relationships between faculty, staff, and students.

The support and guidance I received from everyone at West Coast University’s School of Pharmacy as I explored the program was impressive! I’m glad I chose this school, as I feel that my advisors, fellow students, and faculty have helped me to grow on a personal and professional level during my time as a student.

Did you have any mentors that helped you as you explored possible career paths?

Mentors play a big role in success as a pharmacy student. They help you to explore various career options, advise you throughout your time in school, and provide valuable advice to take with you into the future. 

My mentors during my time in pharmacy school are my advisor Dr. Marina Dykhne and my preceptor Dr. Loc Luu. I’m so thankful for all they’ve done for me!

What’s your favorite part of pharmacy school?

There are so many things to love about pharmacy school. If I had to choose, though, I’d say that the best things about pharmacy school are the relationships I’ve built. I’m confident that these relationships will turn into lifelong friendships and strong professional connections!

What do you find most challenging about pharmacy school?

As a pharmacy student, there are a lot of things to balance—from extracurricular activities to work, and more.

During my first year as a pharmacy student, I found it very difficult to keep up with both my coursework and a regimented fitness schedule.  Eventually, though, I learned how to manage my time so I could fit everything that was important to me into my schedule.

What advice would you give to students interested in attending pharmacy school?

Pharmacy school can be very difficult at first. The coursework moves at a very fast pace, and that can intimidate people.

My advice to students interested in attending pharmacy school is to keep in mind that it will be different than anything you’ve experienced before. You’ll need to be open to adapting your lifestyle to make things work best for you. 

With that said, it’s also important not to lose yourself in the coursework. Find ways to incorporate your personal hobbies and interests into your schedule. They will help you to remain level headed throughout your time in pharmacy school, which will lead to benefits both personally and professionally.

Want to learn more about pharmacy school?

Makarious’ passion for pharmacy is inspiring! We’re thankful to him for sharing why he chose to pursue a career in the field. 

Whether you have an inspirational pharmacist in your life like Makarious’ uncle, or you’re looking for a career where you can help others, we encourage you to explore our website to learn why pharmacy may be a great fit for you!

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