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Pharmacy Students Graduate Early to Work On the COVID-19 Front Lines

Rutgers Pharmacy Student Graduate Early to Help with COVID-19 Efforts

Just a few months ago, pharmacy students across the country (at schools like Rutgers University’s Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, Manchester University’s College of Pharmacy, Natural & Health Sciences, and Purdue University’s College of Pharmacy) were gearing up to graduate from their PharmD programs in early May. Things took a unique turn when the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread in the United States.

Seeing a high demand for pharmacy-related services, pharmacy students began to volunteer to fast track their graduation so they could begin working on the front lines.

News outlets across the country have been sharing stories about these students and their extraordinary commitment to making the world a healthier place during this unprecedented time.

The Need for Pharmacists During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread in the United States, the demand for healthcare services has increased drastically, including the need for pharmacy services.

According to an article by Rewire, pharmacists “are responsible for such functions as managing drug supplies to minimize medication shortages (including shortages of medications needed for patients on ventilators), discussing with physicians the benefits and risks of certain medication options they’re considering for their patients, and more.”

Pharmacists are Healthcare Heroes Behind the Scenes

It’s undeniable that pharmacists serve on the front lines of health care, even during the best of times. But frequently, their efforts are a bit more behind-the-scenes than other healthcare professionals.

We’re thrilled that pharmacy students are getting the recognition they deserve for the amazing commitment they’ve made to help make the world a healthier place during a time of crisis.

We wish them luck as they transition into their full-time roles as healthcare heroes!

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