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5 Aspects of Pharmacy School That Pharmacy Students Love

As part of American Pharmacists Month, we asked pharmacy students what they love most about pharmacy school. Read what they had to say below!

Real-Life Experience

“I am really enjoying rotations this year; I already feel like I am a pharmacist! We spent three years learning and studying and this final year has been a great setting to practice all that we have learned over the years. You can read and study all you want, but what matters is being able to apply the information in a real-life setting. During rotations, we work with patients, make recommendations to physicians under supervision, and hone our presentation skills.” – Saneeya Islam, University of South Florida

Extensive Community

“First, I love learning about pharmacy! But what I love most about pharmacy school is all of the “extra” that complements my classroom education. My time at ULM as provided me opportunities to attend conferences all across the country, actively participate in student organizations, be involved in a variety of research projects, and even travel to Peru for a medical mission trip. I love being involved in student organizations because it provides me the opportunity to get out in the community and participate in health fairs and other service projects. It brings me so much joy to sit down with patients at health fairs and talk to them about their medications or disease states and answer their questions. Even as a student, I truly feel like I am making a difference.” – Sara Catherine Pearson, the University of Louisiana at Monroe School of Pharmacy

Immense Opportunity

“The thing I enjoy most about pharmacy school is the wealth of opportunities available. Ranging from working in a pharmacy, to engaging in student leadership, and even teaching and mentoring fellow students. These activities make pharmacy school more exciting and relevant to the real world.” – Kevin Chen, University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy

Supportive Peers

Curriculum-wise, I love the clinical classes. They are tough but I genuinely love what I am learning. I love how students in pharmacy school help and support each other. This is vastly different than law school. Although my friends were great, there was a LOT of competition with grades and ranking. Pharmacy school feels more like family where everyone for the most part helps each other out. – Michelle C. Cottino, Temple University School of Pharmacy

Personal & Professional Growth

“The journey is absolutely the best part. Often in life we get fixated on the end goal and forget to enjoy ourselves along the way. Life is nothing without the journey and people along the way. Through pharmacy school, you learn various cultures, perspectives, backgrounds, and gain a greater appreciation for life. You also learn more about yourself as a person and future clinician.” – Jason Gaines, Mercer College of Pharmacy in Atlanta, GA

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