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Pharm4Me Student Ambassadors Program

Sign Up To Become A Pharm4Me Student Ambassador

Are you an undergraduate student passionate about making a positive impact on campus? Do you love connecting with fellow pre-pharmacy students and spreading the word about exciting opportunities within the field of pharmacy? AACP is starting a Pharm4Me Student Ambassador Program in which undergraduate students would have the unique chance to represent the vibrant pharmacy community, engage with prospective pre-pharmacy students, and play an integral role in shaping the future of the pharmacy field. Opportunities and time commitments will vary and can be tailored to the student ambassador’s schedule and passions. Pharm4Me Student Ambassadors will amplify Pharm4Me’s mission and values, while developing leadership skills, expanding their network, and inspiring others to embark on their pharmacy journey with enthusiasm.

If interested, please fill out the interest form and contact pharm4me@aacp.org if you have any questions.