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National Pharmacy Week 2021

National Pharmacy Week 2021

Celebrate National Pharmacy Week 2021 with us from October 17 to October 23!

About the National Pharmacy Week

National Pharmacy Week celebrates the many significant contributions that pharmacists and technicians make to the health of our communities across many different healthcare settings. We are taking this time to recognize and honor all of the hardworking pharmacists, professors, mentors, pharmacy students, and more!

Join us for a whole week of fun content, videos, Q&As, and a giveaway! Follow along here and on our social media pages!

Learn more about National Pharmacy Week from ASHP.

Check out our member toolkit to promote National Pharmacy Week at your own school!

Join us on Instagram and learn about the ways that drugs interact within the human body. This will also be uploaded on Youtube.

Tune into Instagram for a lip balm compounding demonstration. It will also be uploaded to Youtube.

We will be sharing ASHP’s Instagram takeover on our own account!

We’ll be sharing a Q&A with AACP Fellow Miranda Steinkopf, PharmD! Follow along on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok!

Visit our Novel Careers Pathways page for the chance to be entered into a giveaway for a $100 Amazon gift card! We will be hiding a link on this page which will take you to your chance to be entered. The link will be live from Friday, October 22 from 8 am to 6 pm EST.