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Navigating Life’s Challenges: A Pharmacist’s Transformative Journey of Dedication and Compassion

Adversities and life’s trials often serve as catalysts that guide individuals toward their destined paths, unveiling unforeseen opportunities. Such is the transformative journey of Dr. Jorie Kreitman, a dedicated pharmacy manager at Walgreens.

Early Inspiration

Dr. Kreitman’s passion for pharmacy ignited at the tender age of 7 when she was diagnosed with Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT), a condition characterized by irregularly fast or erratic heartbeats. During one such episode, Jorie was rushed to the hospital where she remained for over 10 days due to complications. This experience sparked her curiosity about medicine, laying the foundation for her future endeavors, “During this time, my curiosity regarding medicine was peaked, I would have doctors, pharmacists, nurses, the whole gambit of staff in and out of my room because the SVT had other complications”. Her fascination deepened after a second surgery at age 12, “I was so fascinated by how the medications were working in my body and how some medications were chosen over others”.

Initial Hesitations

By age 16, Jorie had earned her technician license and actively volunteered at a hospital pharmacy, solidifying her commitment to the pharmacy profession. Commencing her journey towards becoming a pharmacist at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in 2014, she initially hesitated about working in a community pharmacy setting. However, her perspective shifted upon joining Walgreens, where she discovered abundant growth opportunities, “What you put into this role is exactly what you will get out of it. I could not be prouder to be a pharmacist with Walgreens. I am happy that I put in the time, tears, and dedication to this position”.

Day In The Life

Dr. Kreitman’s responsibilities at Walgreens encompass a spectrum of tasks, including verifying and filling prescriptions, providing medication therapy management, administering immunizations, managing pharmacy technicians, and spearheading various projects. Despite the demanding nature of her role, she finds joy in the interactions with patients, relishing the opportunity to educate them about their medications and fostering meaningful conversations, “Every day, I get to watch my patient learn about their new medications and ask insightful questions to create a meaningful conversation with them”. She loves sharing her knowledge not only with patients but with students as well, “I love being able to teach students when they come into my pharmacy about all the great things my job has to offer and all the things to look forward to when they become a pharmacist”.

Springing To Action

That is not to say that her role does not come with challenges. As with most careers, there are challenging days, especially when difficulties arise that are outside of her control that cause a patient to not get immediate access to their medication. What helps her get through those times is to offer empathy and compassion and create a solution along with the patient. A poignant example illustrates her commitment to patient care, as she swiftly addressed a mother’s urgent call for seizure medication during a night shift, demonstrating the vital role community pharmacists play in ensuring patients’ well-being, “Within 2 hours, I had a new script, and it was ready for pick up for the mom. She was in tears of relief and thankfulness. Sometimes, in a panic, it is hard to have your head on straight. I ensured this mom not to panic and I would get it taken care of for her”.

Recognizing Community Pharmacists

In the face of challenges, Dr. Kreitman encourages recognition and appreciation for the essential work performed by community pharmacists, emphasizing the impact they have on the health of their communities. In fact, community pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare professionals in the U.S. as 90% of Americans live within a 5-mile radius of a pharmacy. 1 Her unique journey serves as an inspiration, urging others to explore the rewarding path of pharmacy. For those intrigued by a similar career, the Pharm4Me website offers valuable information on becoming a pharmacist, accompanied by additional inspirational stories on the Pharm4Me Blog.



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