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Pharmacists Are Your Medicines Experts

Happy World Pharmacists Day! This year, the theme is “Pharmacists are your medicines experts.” The theme is an important one, as it emphasizes the critical role pharmacists play as the medication experts on your team of doctors. Pharmacists have extensive knowledge that they put to use every day to ensure better patient health and outcomes. This expertise is applied through science and research, through educating the next generation, and through transforming patient needs into services.

Pharmacists are a trusted source of knowledge and advice. For every patient who walks into a pharmacy, pharmacists ensure that the right medicine is provided at the right dose and in the most suitable formulation. Working with other healthcare professionals, pharmacists ensure that every individual receives optimal treatment, protecting health and prevent illness.

As a result, pharmacists are seen as one of the most trusted healthcare professionals in the industry. In fact, a Gallup Poll measuring public perceptions of professional ethics and honesty found that 68% of participants responded that pharmacists have “very high” professional ethical standards, second only to nurses.

Here’s what practicing pharmacists had to say:

I really like how pharmacy is almost like the hidden secret on an team of doctors. When I’m on rounds in the hospital, the doctors always rely on the pharmacists to ensure that dosing of medications is appropriate for each patient. – Mara Rubin


We hold a skill set that is valuable and that no one else possesses as well as us! – Jennifer Toth


While working in the pharmacy, I saw how so many members of the community came there first before they went to their physician. I saw how patients trusted the pharmacist’s advice. – Nimit Jindal


Pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare provider for many people. It’s appealing to be part of a profession that provides care at the front lines and is easily available for medical advice. – Saneeya Islam


I love the pharmacy community and how everyone is friendly and always willing to help and collaborate. – Yvette Zeng

A pharmacist’s medical advice is impactful and can make life-changing alterations in the lives and outcomes of patients. Pharmacists are your medicines experts!

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