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Learn About Pharmacy

Pharmacists help people live healthier, better lives.

Pharmacists help people live healthier,
better lives.


Pharmacists improve patient outcomes


Impacting communities

Pharmacists educate and monitor patient outcomes


Medication experts

Pharmacists are valuable
members of the healthcare team

Pharmacists play an important role in helping people get the best results from their medications.

The pharmacist is an accessible liaison whom patients can talk to face-to-face, without an appointment. He or she is someone who can answer health-related questions — what foods, drinks, activities, or other drugs could have an effect on medication or what to do about a missed dose. Essentially, pharmacists help people with almost anything related to the use of medicines, which means they help people to stay as healthy as possible. If this sounds interesting to you, then perhaps becoming a pharmacist — a trusted, caring, and knowledgeable health care professional — might very well be you.